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ExportData Services

2 Possibilities.

-Request the document yourself in our application

-Outsource the request

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With Exportdocuments online you can request export documents yourself through our application.

After you fill in the shipment details , you can send the request to the Chamber of Commerce for approval. 

After approval you can print the document yourself at your location.

The costs for this certificate are €24,99 (including fees of the Chamber of Comemrce) excl. VAT.

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You can also choose to outsource the request of the document. We can request the document for you. The only thing you will have to do is send us the shipment details with corresponding burdens of proof.   

We will send the document to the Chamber of Commerce for approval. After approval we can print it on official certificate paper and send the document by mail. In case you have official paper yourself ,than we can send the document digitally so you can print it yourself. 

The costs for this certificate are €29.99 (including fees of the Chamber of Commerce, excluding VAT)

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Legalization and Certification

The Purpose of a Legalization and Certification

The purpose of a Legalization or Certification is to ratify a document by the Chamber of Commerce. Often a document must also be ratified by a consulate or embassy. The latter can only happen after the document has passed the Chamber of Commerce.

Do I need a Legalization or Certification?

The application of this document may be of use to the importing party, because on the basis of this document they can obtain an exemption or discount on the import duties.

Request a Legalization and Certification

If you only need one or a few Legalisations per year, EDO Essentials is the method to get the documents. Log in and choose one of the affiliated service providers. The service provider will require an authorization from you. This enables the service provider to request the document from the Chamber of Commerce on your behalf. You then submit the data and required documents digitally.
Would you rather that the service provider takes care of filling in and requesting your document? Then choose EDO Essentials (plus).

You can apply for a Certification with ExportDocuments Online with an EDO Business or EDO Business Light license. Requesting a Certification with EDO Essentials is not possible.

Request multiple documents per year

If you need multiple Legalizations or other documents per year, EDO Business Light (12 - 35 documents) or EDO Business (35 or more documents) is meant for you.

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