FAQ (frequently asked questions) & tips

Dear reader,

The Chamber of Commerce has given us insight into the most common mistakes and reasons why applications for export documents are rejected. We do not want to keep this information from you.


Most common reasons for rejection CvO, EUR1, EUR-MED:

1. Proof incomplete / incorrect:

• A sales invoice must always be enclosed with the application for an export document.
• Supplier declarations must be in accordance with the text as stated on our website, no adjustments may be made.
• As of 1 May 2016, the customs legislation has been replaced, statements that still refer to the old legislation are no longer accepted.
• Supplier declarations must be on letterhead or have a company stamp.
• When using one-time supplier's declarations, reference must be made to a specific purchase invoice and  must be enclosed.
• If a company prepares a document on behalf of another company then there must be a power of attorney showing that this is allowed.


2. Origin:

• European Community was changed to European Union some years ago.
• If the supplier's declaration only mentions EU origin, no specific member state can be mentioned on the CvO / EUR-1.
• If there are several countries of origin, in box 6 (CvO) and 8 (EUR1) or on an annex to which reference is made, it must be clearly stated what has its origin.
• origins must be stated in full, i.e. not US / USA, but United States of America.
• If abbreviations are used in box 6/8 or on the appendix, the CvO / EUR1 must state what these abbreviations stand for.

3. Goods description:

• There should always be a general product description in box 6/8. Only a brand name, code etc is not enough.
• If it does not fit to place all goods in box 6/8, reference may be made to the invoice / packing list / item list, but a general goods description must be mentioned in box 6/8, for example "Horticultural products as per invoice number ... ". 


Most common reasons for rejection Legalizations:

1. Signature missing:

• Every document that the Chamber of Commerce legalises must be signed. The Chamber of Commerce checks this on the basis of the signatures known to it and checks whether the person is authorized to sign such a document.
• If the document is submitted and signed for a third party, the company stamp must also be placed with the signature.


2. Signature incorrect:

• Documents must be signed by someone who is familiar with the Chamber of Commerce and has sufficient authority to sign the document.
• If the document is signed by someone other than the POC holder, then please mention the name with the signature, otherwise it is difficult and a lot of work to discover of who the signature is.


3. Document can not be legalized:  

• Documents are offered for legalization, which according to the Market Access Database do not have to be legalized according to the country concerned. It is therefore advisable to check on the Market Access Database if this is necessary.
• Some documents can not be legalized by the Chamber of Commerce. For example, because they have to be legalized by another authority or because the Chamber of Commerce can not legalize the document (see also the attached flyer for information). 


General tips

1. Request one document per legalization, not multiple documents in one request.
2. If documents that are part of an application do not fit, do not forward them to the Chamber of Commerce by e-mail, but scan these files smaller.
3. Scan the signature page as last, this is the page that the Chamber of Commerce first gets to legalize.
4. In case of a replacement application of a CvO, always send the old CvO with a thick line through it, so that the Chamber of Commerce sees that it has not been used. If the company does not have this anymore, then the following text should be included in the "comments box" "Cancels and replaces the document issued by Chamber of Commerce on ... with number ...".
5. In the case of a replacement application for a EUR1, send the old EUR1 (if available) with a thick line through it.
The applicant must state the reason for requesting a replacement EUR1 for the explanation on the back. In box 7 of the front the following text must be indicated 'Replacement of EUR1 / EUR-MED No .: ... dtd: ...'.
If a company prepares a document on behalf of another company then there must be a power of attorney showing that this is allowed.