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Blanco Eur-1 / Eur-M Certificaten

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EUR. 1 / Eur-M Certificaat kopen?

A EUR. 1 Certificate (EUR 1 document) is an origin form with which a discount or exemption on the import duty can be obtained in the European Union. These discounts or exemptions are also called tariff preference. The preference on the basis of a EUR. 1 Certificate is only granted in those countries with which the European Union has concluded a free trade agreement.
As proof of the preferential origin you can get a EUR. Use 1 or EUR-MED certificate. These documents are not mandatory, but their use can be of great benefit to you or your customer, especially in countries where import duties are high.
Shipments smaller or larger than € 6,000

If a shipment of goods is exported and the value of the total shipment is less than € 6,000, no EUR. 1 document to be formatted. A statement on the invoice can then suffice, the so-called invoice declaration. Note: the rules of origin as they apply to a EUR. 1 and EUR-MED Certificate also apply to the invoice declaration.

If a shipment of goods is exported and the total value of the shipment is more than € 6,000, a EUR must be used. 1 or EUR-MED Certificate. These certificates must have been validated by customs in the country of dispatch by means of a 'wet stamp'.
A EUR. 1 certificate can also be replaced by an invoice declaration.