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Certificate of Origin (CVO)

The purpose of a Certificate of Origin

The purpose of a Certificate of Origin is to demonstrate the non-preferential origin of the product that you would like to export.


Do I need a Certificate of Origin?

The application of this document may be of use to the importing party, because they can receive an exemption or discount on import duties based on this document. On the other hand, it can also be compulsory to attach a Certificate of Origin, because the local government wants to protect the market against certain products or a plethora of them.


Request a Certificate of Origin

If you only need one or a few Certificates of Origin per year, EDO Essentials is the method to obtain the documents. Log in and choose one of the affiliated service providers. The service provider will require an authorization from you. This enables the service provider to request the document from the Chamber of Commerce on your behalf. You then submit the data and required documents digitally.


Requesting multiple documents per year.

If you need multiple origin documents per year, then EDO Business Light (12 - 35 documents) or EDO Business (35 or more documents) is meant for you.


Request a quote and more information

For more information about the right choice for your license, please contact us. You can also request a quotation free of any obligation.

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